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"Sound is the fibre of  my being and all beings without exception"

Pauline Oliveros


About Me

Sound is my Passion. Helping others is my aspiration.


My name is  Alexander P Macarte, and I am a musician, artist, and Sound Therapist. 

For over 20 years I have been using sound to connect to myself and others, to transcend our normal states and for deep self exploration. 

After close to two decades performing, recording and touring as a musician, I found my personal music practice naturally begin to align with my spiritual practice of daily meditation and my need for refuge, calm, self introspection, self growth and connection, and I began asking myself, how I can share this deep relationship with sound and music with others.

After many years of research, self study, experimentation and self exploration, I decided to solidify and formalise this path, enrolling in an intensive two year training program with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, graduating with distinction with a practitioner level diploma in 1-2-1 Sound Therapy. 


Specialising in 1-2-1 Sound Therapy, Relaxation & Rebalance, and Immersive Group Experiences Using Bowls, Gongs, Synthesiser and Voice.

1:1 Sound Therapy

A 1:1 Sound Therapy treatment is a highly tailored and personalised in depth therapeutic experience. 

Using either Himalayan Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Gongs or voice or a mixture of all four, each session is bookended with a reflective therapy process, in which I, as a trained and qualified practitioner, guide you through.

Personal Relaxation

A personal Sound Relaxation and Restoration session, is perfect for those of us looking for some deep rest from the many stresses of modern life. 

During a treatment I will play  intuitive instruments whilst you lay down and relax. These sessions are fantastic for a deep de stress, helping you feel restored, calm and energised, ready for the world. 

Himalayan Bowls
Group Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is a gentle yet powerful experience for mind, body and spirit. 
In a group sound bath, I will play instruments such as Gongs, Bowls, Shakers and percussion whilst participants lay down , eyes closed,  whilst waves of sound, vibrate their bodies and mind, into a state of deep relaxation, restoration and conscious awareness. 


Gongs are extremely powerful and deep in therapeutic work.


An almost infinite amount of Harmonics and sounds are found within the Gong, indeed it has been widely said that the Gong contains the sounds of the universe within!


Wide transcendent waves of vibration can be made as well as, deeply ethereal sonics, which lull clients into a deep state of relaxation and altered consciousness where profound visions, emotions and insights may be experienced. 


Hand hammered, Himalayan Singing bowls are rich in harmonics which are very adept in inducing lower brainwave frequencies and altered states.

Harmonically rich, the sound signature of the Himalayan signing bowls is warm and comforting. They can be deeply relaxing and gentle yet very powerful.

These can be used off the body, or on the body for a relaxing and soothing physical massage. 


The original instrument! The Human voice is deeply powerful, it is the vocalisation of breath, living energy, and can have huge emotional resonance.


Using Vowel sounds and over toning, therapeutic voice work can be an incredibly intimate and moving experience for the client.

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