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“This is sound therapy for the soul.”


“This is sound therapy for the soul. Alex holds space for you to journey deep into your sub-conscious during the sessions. His kind, calm energy put me completely at ease. I only had a few sessions, but noticed profound results in the months since; my creativity and self-belief have returned and I feel less anxious, fearful and worried.


For me this was a deeply relaxing experience that allowed me to reconnect with my dreams and vision as an artist - and move out of some emotional stuck-ness! Alex is working on a highly intuitive level, playing in response to your vibration and energy. It's a unique and very special experience that I'd recommend to anyone curious about the power of sound. ”

“It has honestly been a life changing experience” 

“I have found my sessions of sound therapy to be hugely impactful and helpful in my journey of connecting to myself, and understanding all things around me. 

The talking at the beginning and end of the sessions was great, and i truly felt I could be really open with Alex as he created a safe and understanding space... 

The sound part of the therapy was incredible, the way the sound moved and shifted emotions, as well as making me truly relax and be at one with myself and thoughts was amazing. 

It has honestly been a life changing experience in how it has allowed me to open up to myself and understand my thought processes more. I am guaranteed returning client!” 

“ This kind of therapy has really opened my eyes to what is possible in my healing journey...”

“The experience has had an extremely positive effect on issues I have been struggling with for a long time and tried various methods of therapy to tackle. Alex has been great, he’s made the sessions incredibly relaxing, creating an atmosphere that feels open to sharing, exploring and very comfortable.”


 “The experience of Sound Therapy has felt explorative, nourishing and I has given me feelings of resolution after each session. The reflective parts and tuning into the physical has helped me understand issues in deeper ways and the sound element has felt intensely like a journey of healing in all senses” 

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