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From 1:1 Therapy, to Personal Relaxation, to Group Sound Baths and more... 

1:1 Sound Therapy
1:1 Sound Therapy

A 1:1 Sound Therapy treatment is a highly tailored and personalised in depth therapeutic experience. 


Using either Himalayan Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls, Gongs or voice or a mixture of all four, each session is bookended with a reflective therapy process, in which I, as a trained and qualified practitioner, guide you through.

It is a client led reflective process of self inquiry , of which the following sound induced Altered State enables you, as the client, to have a wider, more open and fluid state of awareness and objective view into any issues in your life you feel you would like to work on, with clients usually having insights and making connections promoting more flow into their lives. 

These reflective techniques combined with the therapeutic sound really enable us to gain a deeper insight into a clients process and empower them to make life changing improvements to their health and wellbeing... 

1-2-1 Sound Therapy is very powerful, deeply insightful and highly transformative, with best results seen over time with consecutive sessions,  a frequency of which will be agreed upon between client and practitioner . However much can be gained even from one session! 

For price and booking contact me

Personal Relxation
Personal Sound Relaxation & Restoration

A personal Sound Relaxation and Restoration session, is perfect for those of us looking for some deep rest from the many stresses of modern life. 

In the session I will use Himalayan or Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs or Voice, to induce a deep state of relaxation known as ASC (Altered State of Consciousness ). This is a perfectly natural state, usually experienced when day dreaming or just before sleep, where our brainwave activity lowers to around Theta or Alpha brainwaves (4-8hz and 8-13hz), which are usually associated with deep meditation. Research has shown that prolonged periods spent in these states, without sleep, are highly beneficial for mental, physical and emotional well being.  It has been shown that such treatments are good for inhibiting stress hormones and lowering cortisol.

During a treatment I will play these intuitive instruments whilst you lay down on a treatment couch and relax. These sessions are fantastic for a deep de stress and relaxation helping you feel restored, calm and energised, ready for the world. 


This is also available for couples, for an intimate, special shared experience which can enhance bonding between loved ones.

For price and booking contact me

Himalayan Bowl Body Massage
Himalayan Bowl Body Massage

As well as using Himalayan Bowls of the body, I am also trained in using bowls ON the body, for a lovely, deep physical massage, whereby the vibrations of the bowls will resonate through your body, easing muscle tension and physical pain. 


This can accompanied with an off body practice if desired.

For price and booking contact me

Group Sound Bath
Immersive Group Sound Bath

A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full body listening experience, that intentionally uses sound to invite a gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative process for mind, body and spirit.

In a group sound bath, I will play instruments such as Gongs, Bowls, Shakers and percussion whilst participants lay down , eyes closed, whilst waves of sound, vibrate their bodies and mind, into a state of deep relaxation, restoration and conscious awareness. 

I offer Group Sound Baths with traditional instruments or combined with electronics, synthesisers and sampled sounds for a unique immersive experience. 

I have held Immersive Group Sound Baths at Manchester International Festival (MIF), Supernormal Festival, Whitworth Gallery, VAC Zatterre Venice, and Basillica Hudson NY as well as many Yoga Studios and spaces. 

If you would like book me, or collaborate on such a workshop, please get in touch, no matter how large or small. 

For quotes and booking contact me 



Some informations about the tools I use...


The origins of the gong cannot be pinned down to an exact date, although it is believed that the gong dates back to the dawn of the Bronze Age, between 3 and 4000 years BC.


In Chinese history, gongs seem to begin being mentioned around 500AD where they were in use in Hsi Yu (an area between Tibet and Burma). Most gongs originate from four main areas - Burma, China, Annam (a Chinese province) and Java, later spreading into the rest of Asia, Africa and eventually to Europe. There seem to be approximately 7 different gong shapes and sound styles which have their roots in these regions.

Like the Himalayan singing bowls, few families knew the tradition of gong making as it was passed from generation to generation. The art of making gongs was considered a sacred, almost magical practise and methods were a closely guarded secret. Metalwork is a kind of alchemy and magicians have long told stories of being able to turn lead into gold. Gong makers believed that a gong could only succeed with the help of higher powers, and that they were exposed to forces more so than ordinary humans and therefore gong makers were seen as shamans.

Perhaps for this reason Gongs are extremely powerful and deep in therapeutic work.


An almost infinite amount of Harmonics and sounds are found within the Gong, it has been widely said that the Gong contains the sounds of the universe within! 

Wide transcendent waves of vibration can be made as well, deeply ethereal sonics, which lull clients into a deep state of relaxation and altered consciousness where profound visions, emotions and insights may be experienced. 

Himalayan Bowls
Himalayan Bowls

The origins of the Himalayan singing bowls are shrouded in magic and mystery - there are many opinions as to where the bowls originally came from and what they were used for.

Early travellers from the West reported them being used as eating dishes, and they were also used in the temples during prayer sessions.

It is likely that the bowls were created at some point when the Shamanistic knowledge from Mongolia met Buddhism in Tibet (Tibetan Buddhism has its roots in a religion known as Bon, which was shamanistic). There are accounts of travelling metal smiths who may have made these bowls to order.

The bowls are part of the gong and bell family, and date back to a Bronze Age in China some 4,000 years ago, which, at its peak, extended geographically as far as Burma and Indochina. 


Whatever their true origins, singing bowls have been used in meditative practice and healing for thousands of years. 


Each singing bowl has its own colour, shape and personality. Hand hammered, the bowls are rich in harmonics which are very adept in inducing lower brainwave frequencies and altered states.
Most people find the harmonic rich sound signature of the Himalayan signing bowl warm and comforting like a sonic cuddle and they can be deeply relaxing and gentle. However they are also deeply powerful and can lead extraordinary experience for clients.

As well as being trained to use these off body, I am also trained in using these on the body for a lovely deep physical massage, whereby the vibrations of the bowls will resonate through your body, easing muscle tension and physical pain.

Crystal Bowls
Crystal Bowls

Fascinatingly, Crystal singing bowls were originally a by-product from the computer industry, quartz can be heated to high temperatures so quartz ‘crucibles’ were use to grow computer chips and other components within them. 

Since the 1980’s they have become very powerful tools in the field of therapeutic sound and healing work.

Made from 99.992% pure quartz crystal that is crushed and heated to approximately 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold, The bowls emit a powerful, pure resonance.

Where as Himalayan bowls have many harmonics and are warm and rich sounding in character, Crystal bowls emit “pure tone” sine waves, tuned to different musical notes, which are ethereal and light sounding. When played in conjuncture with other crystal bowls, they produce powerful musical intervals which have been shown to have multiple effects on the mental, emotional and even physical level of clients. This means there application can be carefully tailored to a client's needs within a therapy session. 

Crystal singing bowls are also perfect for group sessions, sound baths and workshops due to their power and volume, a deeply entrancing instrument. 


The original instrument! The Human voice is deeply powerful, it is the vocalisation

of breath, living energy, and can have huge emotional resonance.

Voice therapy is the use of tones and overtones as a treatment that I offer to clients. 
Overtoning, also known as harmonic singing, western overtone singing, throat singing, 

Khoomii, Hoomi and Mongolian overtone chanting. Singing in this way involves using the 

mouth, throat and nasal cavities to sing more than one note at one time, enhancing the 

harmonics that are naturally present in the sound.

As with all of my instruments, I use the voice to 

induce an altered state of consciousness, or ASC, to enable deeper connection to oneself and insight into our lives. 
Using Vowel sounds and over toning, therapeutic voice work can be an incredibly intimate

and moving experience for the client


Voice Therapy can be used on its own as a whole treatment, or combined with other 

instruments, such as the Himalayan singing bowls, gong or crystal bowls.


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