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About me...

Sound is my Passion. Helping others is my aspiration.


My name is  Alexander P Macarte, and I am a musician, artist, and Sound Therapist. 

For over 20 years I have been using sound to connect to myself and others, to transcend our normal states and for deep self exploration. 

After close to two decades performing, recording and touring as a musician, I found my personal music practice naturally begin to align with my spiritual practice of daily meditation and my need for refuge, calm, self introspection, self growth and connection, and I began asking myself, how I can share this deep relationship with sound and music with others.

After many years of research, self study, experimentation and self exploration, I decided to solidify and formalise this path, enrolling in an intensive two year training program with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, graduating with distinction with a practitioner level diploma in 1-2-1 Sound Therapy. 

"...there is such a growing need for re-connection, to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us, and so using sound we can connect to that vibration, to nature, and to ourselves. "

Why does sound and music move us so? I believe that when we feel deeply understood and moved by a piece of music, we are not connecting with it’s creator, but we are connecting with the deeper parts of ourselves. And through this self connection, we are able to begin the pathways to self healing.  

Today’s world can be very challenging, stressful and with so many demands,  it can really take a toll on our heath and well being. Now more than ever, self care and finding flow are of the upmost of importance. 

I 100% believe in, and have experienced and witnessed, sound and music’s ability to heal; physically, mentally, and indeed spiritually… Our planet, our solar system, indeed our universe is full of vibration. Even our body is musical, our pulse, heartbeat, inhaling and exhaling, is all Rhythm. And in that way, sound can vibrate and resonate with us at an anatomical level.


There is such a growing need for re-connection, to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us, and so by using sound we can connect to that vibration, to nature, and to ourselves. Sound is nature, we are nature. We are sound.”


Professional Bio

Alexander P Macarte is a qualified, independent Sound Therapist.


Qualifying from an intensive two year training program with The British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2019, Alex has been practicing his method of Sound Therapy in Manchester UK, and has brought his unique Immersive Sound Bath's to clients, festivals and groups in the UK and EU. In addition to public and private courses, he also offers workplace Sound Relaxation workshops to aid staff  well being, morale and productivity. Clients and events include Manchester International Festival (MIF) , NTS Radio, BLOC London, Everything Gone Green Festival, Warm Up Festival, Whitworth Gallery, V-A-C Zatterre, and Venice Biennale .

Alexander is passionate about sharing the power of sound in a way that empowers people to make transformational, life changing improvements to their lives, taking control of their health and well-being, and to expand awareness, compassion and empathy for themselves, others and the world around us. 

Prior to his therapeutic practice, Alexander has been a musician and artist, recording and touring the world with critically acclaimed groups and projects, as well as a solo artist, honing his craft of shaping sound for connection and deeper introspection.  

In addition to Sound Therapy and his music career, Alexander also runs a micro-record label Golden Ratio Frequencies, releasing works by international artists who's music is of a transcendental nature and produces a monthly radio show of the same name for the highly popular radio station NTS Radio.  

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